Counting Swiftly and Liking Lichen

Next week is Love your Burial Ground week, and we are celebrating this at St Faith’s Berrow by focussing on the amazing flora and fauna which can be found in the churchyard.  A full programme of events can be viewed or downloaded here, and you’ll see that the counting of our perennially returning swifts is a regular feature through the week.  Some interesting facts about these remarkable creatures can be viewed or downloaded here and there will also be a marked trail around the churchyard to look at examples of very fine and ancient lichen growing on the gravestones – leaflet can be viewed or downloaded here, along with a series of photographs of the featured lichen here.

For me the undoubted highlight comes at the very beginning of the week, when Bakes from the Barn are available in the churchyard from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday 5th June.  Andy’s cakes and biscuits are legendary, get there early to avoid disappointment as they will literally sell like hot cakes.


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