VE Day

This coming Friday, 8th May, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day or Victory in Europe Day, to commemorate the day on which the Allied forces accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, thus bringing the war in Europe to an end.  It is important to remember that the war continued in the Far East and was not brought to an end until Japan surrendered on the 15th August 1945, an anniversary which will be commemorated later this year.

VE Day was the cause of huge rejoicing, and signified the beginning of the end of five long years of fighting, with huge loss of life amongst the armed forces and civilians on both sides.  The British Legion are organizing several events to commemorate this very significant anniversary, and there is a link to the British Legion website for you here.  Also a link to the  Church of England page with liturgy for VE Day and a link to the Service of Thanksgiving held in Westminster Abbey in 1945.  A couple of parishioners have contributed their memories of the very first VE Day which are fascinating and can be viewed here, and Rev Julie has researched some wonderful prayers which you can use at home, maybe light a candle and say one of these to give thanks for all those who suffered so that we might live in peace and freedom.

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